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SEBA Anniversary

SEBA Anniversary

When Elegance meets History Rado at the Baron Palace   – December 2015 – The 10th anniversary of the ¨Swiss Egyptian Business Association¨ was celebrated with a big event at The Baron Palace in support of Egypt´s Endeavor to combat Hepatitis C. Rado´s booth at the entrance was placed perfectly for everyone to have a […]

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The Martian

After the 2 consecutive successes of Interstellar and DieHard 5 flavoured with Hamilton watches within, I would like to congratulate all of us for this year for unprecedented success of the endorsement of Hamilton watch through The Martian movie, #1 US BOX. The choice of the movie and the product placement following the global strategy […]

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Tissot TV spot

Tissot – Sea Touch Right down to a depth of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft), wearers literally have the sophisticated functionality of this high-tech diving watch at their fingertips. As well as indicating the depth of the current dive, these timepieces integrate a digital chronograph, thermometer, alarm, perpetual calendar date, compass and divers’ […]

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A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard

Hamilton Watch Equips Next Generation of Action Hero in 20th Century Fox’s ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ With Signature Timepieces Hamilton Proudly Presents 2 New Iconic Timepieces Made With American Spirit & Swiss Precision   [BIEL, Switzerland] – December 2012 – Hamilton Watch once again shares the action-packed spotlight with blockbuster action star Bruce […]

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Interview with BTC

Europa Star, Luxury Swiss Watches & International Watchmaking – Websites & Magazines interview with Ayman Nassif, Managing Director of BTC Trading.

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